wordlist.locale string

The locale for this wordlist.

wordlist.getWord( index ) string

Returns the word at index.

wordlist.getWordIndex( word ) number

Returns the index of word within the wordlist.

wordlist.split( mnemonic ) Array< string >

Returns the mnemonic split into each individual word, according to a locale's valid whitespace character set.

wordlist.join( words ) string

Returns the mnemonic by joining words together using the whitespace that is standard for the locale.

Wordlist.check( wordlists ) string< DataHexString< 32 > >

Checks that all words map both directions correctly and return the hash of the lists. Sub-classes should use this to validate the wordlist is correct against the official wordlist hash.

Wordlist.register( wordlist [ , name ] ) void

Register a wordlist with the list of wordlists, optionally overriding the registered name.


The official wordlists available at `ethers.wordlists`. In the browser, only the english language is available by default; to include the others (which increases the size of the library), see the dist files in the `ethers` package.

ethers.wordlists.cz Wordlist

The Czech Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.en Wordlist

The English Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.es Wordlist

The Spanish Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.fr Wordlist

The French Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.it Wordlist

The Italian Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.ja Wordlist

The Japanese Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.ko Wordlist

The Korean Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.zh_cn Wordlist

The Simplified Chinese Wordlist.

ethers.wordlists.zh_tw Wordlist

The Traditional Chinese Wordlist.